Faith Food Partners

The Pastor’s Pantry Faith Food Partners program is an easy and convenient option for anyone who would like to “faith-fully” collect and donate a specific food item each month.

Here’s how it works:  A specific food item is collected throughout the month, then it is delivered to the Pantry (or we can pick it up) at the end of each month.  Typically the program runs for 12 months on a calendar year basis, but some of our Partners prefer a 9 month schedule to allow for a summer break.  WE provide a schedule showing which item is to be collected each month and this schedule is displayed on the collection boxes.  If you need collection boxes, we are happy to provide those, too.  YOU promote awareness of the Faith Food Partners program and find a visible home for the collection boxes.

This program helps keep our shelves stocked with food staples that are always desperately needed and appreciated by the clients we serve.  We happily accept donations of any size – no quantity is too small!

Currently, Pastor’s Pantry serves almost 600 families throughout the county each month, and the need for our services is growing.  If we were able to collect 600 of one specific item in a given month, it would mean that we could provide one of those items for each of the families we serve that month — that’s a big deal to us and to those who are hungry!

Please consider partnering with us!  Our Faith Food Partners program represents a tangible way for any group, organization, business or individual to directly help needy families in our local communities.  If you would like to discuss this local outreach opportunity or if you’d like for us to provide you with a monthly food collection schedule, we would love to speak with you!

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  1. Yes, Reverend Armstrong, we appreciated your visit and are thrilled that you would like to join our Faith Food Partners program! We will send an e-mail with additional information — thank you so much for your support of Pastor’s Pantry and those in our local communities who need us!

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