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  1. Hi, Steve,

    Sorry not to respond sooner. We could arrange for members of your class to help in our food warehouse during your class period. They could do things like put double plastic bags together, put up groceries from Food Lion, and fill bags with food for particular clients. As an alternative, we could give them a tour of our overall facility.

    A big need right now is finding a holiday gift for each of our clients. This week we put up a tree in our lobby and covered it with 480 cards — one for each of our clients — containing gift wishes. We are working hard right now to find groups like yours to take several cards off the tree and buy gifts for those clients. I realize this gets into resources, which are not easy to come by for many high school students. But if your class could figure out a way to take this on, it would really help us. We have set a $25 maximum for each gift. Clients have asked for things like Wal-Mart and Food Lion gift cards, socks, underwear, pajamas, and household cleaning supplies. Would you all consider taking on acquiring these gifts as a challenge? We ask that all gifts be wrapped and turned in by Monday, Dec. 6.

    Many thanks,

    Bill Keesler

    Executive Director.

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