Faith Food Partners

The Pastor’s Pantry Faith Food Partners program is an easy and convenient option for any group or organization that would like to “faith-fully” collect and donate a specific food item each month.

Here’s how the program works: A specific food item is collected throughout the month, then it is delivered to the Pantry (or we can pick it up) at the end of each month. WE provide a schedule showing which item is to be collected each month and this schedule is displayed on the collection boxes. If you need collection boxes, we are happy to provide those, too. YOU promote awareness of the Faith Food Partners program and find a visible home for the collection boxes.

This program helps keep our shelves stocked with food staples that are always desperately needed and appreciated by the clients we serve. We happily accept donations of any size – no quantity is too small!

Our 2014 Faith Food Partners were: Mt. Tabor United Church of Christ, Maple Grove Church of the Brethren, Beulah United Church of Christ, Jersey Baptist Church (Women’s Missionary Union), Grace Episcopal Church, Memorial United Church of Christ (Women’s Guild), New Life Baptist Church, Delta Sigma Theta, First Lutheran Church and Lexington Community Ministers Conference.  And several of these organizations have already recommitted for 2015!

Currently, Pastor’s Pantry serves over 600 families throughout the county each month, and the need for our services is growing. If we were able to collect at least 600 of one specific item in a given month, it would mean that we could provide one of those items for almost all of the families we serve that month — that’s a big deal to us and to those who are hungry!

Please consider partnering with us! Our Faith Food Partners program represents a tangible way for any group, organization, business or individual to directly help needy families in our local communities. If you would like to discuss this local outreach opportunity or if you’d like for us to provide you with a monthly food collection schedule, we would love to speak with you!

Friedberg Elementary Food Drive

The Student Council at Friedberg Elementary School in northern Davidson County recently organized a school-wide food drive and the students at the school collected food for Pastor’s Pantry!  The original goal was 1,000 items and the “incentive” for reaching this milestone was that the Student Council teacher mentors would each receive a “Pie in the Eye” if the goal was met. When that goal was surpassed, the school’s principal (Sandra Everhart) also agreed to get a “Pie in the Eye” if the students could collect 2,000 items. The students quickly exceeded that goal as well – in all, they collected a total of 2,607 nonperishable food items for us!

The “Pie in the Eye” event occurred last week, with The Dispatch and WXII on hand to cover the story. We picked up 80+ crates of food on Tuesday, with the help of our loyal volunteers. We hope you enjoy the photos!

These types of events are significant for so many reasons. Please join us in recognizing the students and staff of Friedberg Elementary School for a job well done! Their generosity and kindness will help many in our local communities throughout the holiday season!

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