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Who’s the pastor? There isn’t one!   Not any longer, anyway.

Our nonprofit was founded in 1974 as volunteer crisis intervention organization. Around 2000, the organization decided to transition to a new mission to better meet the community’s needs. Since nutrition services for seniors were identified as a great need in Davidson County, the organization decided to start a food pantry. The new organization’s first executive director, Beverly Fulbright, was an ordained minister, thus Pastor’s Pantry was born.

We decided to keep the name even after Dr. Fulbright left the organization, because we had become well-know by that name in the community.

While we are blessed with the support of many churches and communities of faith, we are not a religious organization. Religion plays no part in our criteria for accepting or serving clients.

What We Do

Pastor’s Pantry is a nonprofit food pantry, with no religious affiliation, that targets senior hunger. Our main focus is seniors (age 60-plus) in financial stress in Davidson County, North Carolina. We provide groceries for seniors in need once per month, and we also provide emergency food to individuals of all ages. Most seniors receive 7-8 plastic grocery bags of food each month, which generally lasts about 10 days.  Many of these seniors live with younger relatives in their households, so the number of people we serve is greater than the number of seniors who apply for help.  We also assist individuals of all ages in need of emergency food.

Pastor’s Pantry currently helps more than 700 individuals on average per month in nearly 500 senior households throughout Davidson County. The food is offered at no cost to the recipient.

Where the Food Comes From

The groceries come from donations from individuals, groups, churches, and organizations who host food drives and collect food for us, as well as from daily salvage contributions from Food Lion, Sav-A-Lot and Wal-Mart. The remaining food we need to fulfill requests comes from Second Harvest Food Bank in Winston-Salem through a shared maintenance program where $1 will secure $12 worth of food, and from Lexington grocer Conrad & Hinkle and other sources at the best prices we can find.  Farmers who participate in the Farmer’s Market at the Depot and local gardeners supply us with produce, as it is available.

We are funded by United Way, churches, local businesses, other groups and organizations, individuals, grants, and fundraising activities.

How to Contact Us

Pastor’s Pantry is located at 307 North State Street, Lexington, NC.                          (Mail MUST be sent to our post office box address listed below)                                Our business hours are 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Monday – Thursday.

Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 2051, Lexington, NC 27293
Telephone:  336-249-8824

Donations may be made by USPS mail to our post office box, in person, by phone or electronically on our website.  
We can accept cash, checks, or credit cards in the office.



Donna Mashburn, Executive Director
donna.mashburn@pastorspantry.org            Extension 301
Jennifer Davis, Marketing Coordinator
marketing.coordinator@pastorspantry.org   Extension 304
Sandra Wilson, Assistant Treasurer
sandra.wilson@pastorspantry.org                 Extension 302
Greg Briggs, Pantry Coordinator
pantry.coordinator@pastorspantry.org          Extension 303
Sandra Hiatt, Pantry Assistant                     Extension 324
Ricky Loflin, Pantry Helper

We are also blessed with a wonderful team of 100+ volunteers!

Our Board of Directors:

Mike Hall, President

Thomas Penninger, Vice President

Tina Royal, Secretary
Jerrie Leonard, Treasurer

Carolyn Jones, Assistant Secretary

Terry Berrier
Peggy Boyles
Dan Briggs

Judy Butler

Belinda Clark

Franklin Clark

Lisa Everhart

Walter Hoffman

Carlos Jane`
Laura Lohr

Matthew O’Bryant
Kristi Thornhill

Mike Turlington

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