The Story of the Freezer

We recently received a wonderful donation in the form of a chest freezer from Russ and Kathy Johnson. The Johnson’s shared the “story” of their freezer with us and we’d like to share it with you!

“The year was 1987 and the young family of four had outgrown the small freezer compartment in their brown refrigerator-freezer. It was time to buy a real chest freezer to store leftovers, stock up on grocery bargains and tuck away emergency meals like chicken pot pies.

So off we went to the venerable Peters & Foster True Value Store on South Midland Avenue in Monroe, Georgia. The reason I know this is because I still have my trusty Peters & Foster fly swatter. There in the corner of the store was a big white Amana chest freezer at a fairly reasonable price. I am guessing they delivered it as all we had was a Ford Station wagon prone to runaway acceleration and Chevy Chevette with turn signals that had a mind of its own (sometimes right, sometimes left….no matter which you chose).

Anyway, into the garage the freezer went where it served us well for about three years before a job offer came from Duracell in Lexington, North Carolina. After the freezer came out of storage, the movers set it in the corner of a downstairs room where it resided for the next 24 years. It performed without complaint during the “filled to the top” Southern Food years. It was always there to serve as a tabletop to sort through tax stuff or to wrap Christmas presents on. It was a true workhorse. Not once in 27 years has it broken down or needed any kind of repair. In a world of unreliability – - it never let us down.

Well, times change. There are no longer four mouths to feed….the taxes are done by a CPA…and during the Great De-Cluttering of 2014, we decided it was time to find a new home for our Amana freezer. We are delighted that the Pastor’s Pantry had a need for it. May it serve you as well as it did us!

P.S. – Fly swatters are not included. I am keeping that!”

Russ and Kathy, thank you so much for this generous donation to Pastor’s Pantry and for sharing your story with us!

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Almost Home Group

Many thanks to the residents of the Almost Home Group in Thomasville for making several beautiful food collection boxes for us to use throughout the holiday season!  We are always in need of attractive boxes to share with groups who would like to collect food for us – and some of these boxes are already in use!

The Almost Home Group is a community of small residences for seniors with memory loss.  Located in the lovely Wallcliff Park neighborhood in Thomasville, NC the Almost Home Group residences offer full time live-in care as well as respite care.  Short-term respite care is available from a minimum of four hours up to a maximum of thirty continuous days.  The residents enjoy lots of activities and they LOVE to help Pastor’s Pantry by decorating donation boxes.  For more information about the Almost Home Group, please call Kathy Hatfield at 336-391-5638 or visit

Thank you for being such great volunteers – love those boxes!  

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New Volunteers

For many years, Richard Perryman has been very generous in offering his time and his equipment for our use at no cost to Pastor’s Pantry and we appreciate him so much! Monday morning we had some new volunteers (in addition to Richard and Tom Hart) who pitched in for the trek to Second Harvest Food Bank in Winston-Salem. Glenn Penninger offered his flatbed truck (and his time) for the journey and Hedgecock Builders Supply of Lexington loaned their forklift (and their Yard Foreman, Rodney Fowler) to help us unload the pallets of food.

What would we do without our volunteers? Thank you so much!

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