Recycle For Good

ElectronicsRecycleJoin us on Saturday, May 30th at Davidson County Community College for our Recycle for Good event!
We are partnering with Cancer Services of Davidson County and Pilgrim Recycling to raise money! Bring your old cell phones, your old charge cords, VCR’s – anything electronic! If it has a cord, we can recycle it! Pilgrim Recycling will wipe any data you have on your computers and cell phones. All proceeds benefit Pastor’s Pantry and Cancer Services of Davidson County.Don’t miss the opportunity to responsibly recycle your old household electronics while supporting Pastor’s Pantry & Cancer Services of Davidson County! On Saturday, May 30th from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm at Davidson County Community College, Pilgrim Recycling will be collecting recyclable items and donating all proceeds to Pastor’s Pantry & Cancer Services of Davidson County.



We are so fortunate for the community support that we receive here at Pastor’s Pantry. Here are just a few of the amazing things that have happened this week (and it’s only Wednesday!):


Please join us in congratulating Collin O’Bryant, who made the Pastor’s Pantry’s outside food collection box for his Eagle Scout project. Collin received the prestigious Eagle Scout award Tuesday night from Boy Scout Troop 205 at Lexington’s First Presbyterian Church.

Collin’s contribution to the Pantry allows us to receive food donations even when we can’t be in the office. The donation box is an incredible gift that will serve the Pantry for years to come. Thank you and congratulations, Collin!

Collin is shown with his parents, Matt and Michelle O’Bryant. Matt O’Bryant served six years on Pastor’s Pantry’s board.

Also, look what Sylvia Walser and the crew at First Reformed Community Gardensylviawalser donated to the Pantry yesterday! Thank you so very much for planting a row for Pastor’s Pantry!

If you would like to share vegetables from your garden, we’d love to have them!


Wonderful Day at the Derby!

What a wonderful Day at the Derby on Saturday! The weather was beautiful, the grounds were beautiful and the support was fantastic! Thank you to everyone who came out to support Pastor’s Pantry, to our sponsors, our board members and our staff!

If you have pictures of the day, we’d love to see them! Please email them to the Pantry at Thank you!!Derby Sponsors Derby 5 Derby 2 Derby 1 Derby 3